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The Lord our God, the Lord is wise, our God is great;
our only God, attend our cries that God is great!

We honor and submit to thee, with heads bowed low;
on hands and knees, we recognize that God is great!

The meadows bloom, the rivers flood and oceans flow;
the sun and moon forever rise, for God is great!

Pay homage to His might; be certain that you go
before him in a humble guise, for God is great!

Obey the Lord, defend the Lord, observe His word;
resist the sinner who denies that God is great!

Be most severe when heresy is overheard
until the disbeliever sighs that God is great!

Enforce the Laws of God as strictly as you can;
and scourge and burn the one who lies, for God is great!

When God is mocked or disobeyed, a righteous man
tears out offending tongues and eyes, for God is great!

The armies of the Lord are vast; our hosts increase;
our voices rise up to the skies: our God is great!

Know ye, our enemies, that God is Lord of peace;
but He shall never compromise, for God is great!

Whatever happens, let it be, it is God’s plan;
and he who acts against Him dies, for God is great!

To die for God is not to die, but to ascend;
if all men die it testifies that God is great!

The Lord our God, our God is wise, God is the end;
and now a final cantor cries that God is great!
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